Juan Paul


As Vice President of Engineering at Shopzilla, Inc., Juan Paul is responsible for leading and defining the development, operations, and deployment for the company’s flagship shopping properties including Bizrate, Shopzilla, Beso and TaDa.  In 2006, Juan Paul implemented the widely esteemed devops/configuration management discipline, which continues to guide Shopzilla, Inc. today. In addition to stewarding his teams in building some of the company’s latest and most successful endeavors– such as the multi-hundred-million-impression-per-day affiliate platform, the new fashion destination, Beso.com, and the latest way to shop group sales, TaDa.com—Juan Paul plays a substantial role in the delivery of virtually every software application across the company.  A consummate coach who time after time helps teams reach their maximum potential, Juan Paul delivers incredible value to the business with his acumen for the practical application of great technology.  Earlier in his career, Juan Paul was an early proponent for the need of software configuration management.  Juan Paul was quintessential in bringing Experian‘s credit reporting software quality into a modern age, creating the successful initial public launch of the leading commercial real estate site, Loopnet.com, and allowing for Gateway to reposition it’s internet presence for PC sales.  Juan Paul holds a degree in Management Information Systems and Corporate Law and Public Policy from Syracuse University.

Now in the much sunnier Los Angeles, he can often be seen enjoying many sports, live music festivals and reality television shows on MTV. Nobody’s perfect.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/juanpaul

Twitter: @jpfever


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